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There is a pressing need to define the full care continuum and build an ecosystem approach. Addressing this huge challenge – and opportunity – requires innovation and a coordinated effort across stakeholders.

Asia is the fastest-growing and most dynamic region in the world. Over the last several decades, medical technology advancements have steadily improved the standard of care for patients in many areas of the world. At the same time, a huge disparity in access to high quality, cost-effective healthcare continues to exist for millions of people. The need in some Asian countries are particularly acute, especially with the rapid growth of the ageing population. According to reports, Asia's elderly population is projected to soar from 300 million to 922.7 million by 2050, leading to a shortage of manpower in the healthcare industry.

In light of this, Innovation must address significant barriers, including the lack of patient awareness, infrastructure and training for healthcare professionals. There is a pressing need to define the full care continuum and build an ecosystem approach. Addressing this huge challenge – and opportunity – requires a coordinated effort across multiple stakeholders to deliver innovation to improve outcomes, expand access and increase affordability of healthcare in Asia Pacific.

By forming a community of like-minded healthcare stakeholders, each holding considerable influence and decision-making power in their respective sectors, we aim to transform healthcare and care delivery in order to respond quickly to the needs of the future.

Events Line-up

Innnovating care
Elderly & Home care
Hilton Singapore | 24 November 2016
The Innovating Care Elderly & Home Care 2016 forum will provide a platform for decision makers, practitioners, researchers, service providers, and community members to share their experiences to support and empower rapidly ageing populations worldwide. The forum aims to accelerate key learnings from best practice aged care models that will integrate healthcare, social participation and community.
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Innovating Care
Transforming Nursing Care
Singapore | 17 - 18 March 2017
By building a foundation of innovation in nursing, we are paving the way for growth and progression within the profession, and also elevating creativity in coming up with unique solutions to problems or issues. Ultimately, the goal is to improve patient outcomes while managing cost - and this is what Transforming Nursing Care is all about.
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Innovating Care 2017
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | September 2017
An annual event that brings together government leaders, healthcare stakeholders and industry players to share ideas and innovations as healthcare transits from conventional medical care towards preventive wellness (Wellcare) models.
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What people say?

A very warm thank you on behalf of The Red Pencil Team for your fantastic welcome to your conference which was truly a big success. So many interesting and quality talks! We were delighted to be there!

Ms Laurence Vanderborre, The Red Pencil (Singapore)

What people say?

An eye-opener!

Ms Winnie Koh, Chee Hoon Kog Moral Promotion Society

What people say?

It was an incredible experience learning about varying perspectives in healthcare coming from different industries.

Adon Chan, Alexandra Health System


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