ICAP Awards 2017

The Innovating Care Asia Pacific Awards 2017 is a platform to celebrate and exchange best practices across the continuum of care in care monitoring and delivery in the Asia-Pacific region. These outstanding practices are recognised to have significantly improved and increased the quality of care, while addressing the challenges of rising demand for accessibility to care, rising costs and the scarcity of resources. In addition to increased efficiency and improved performance, we also put a premium on new approaches to care, as well as, creative spins to existing ideas, systems and/or processes in order to deliver better patient experiences and outcomes. The Innovating Care Asia Pacific Awards 2017 provides the platform for innovators, leaders and industry gamechangers to share their ideas and disruptive innovations that are developing or have been implemented to be recognised by the industry.

Winners will be selected by the appointed panel of judges. Finalists will be notified in September 2017 and the winners will be announced at the Innovating Care Asia Pacific 2017 (ICAP) conference and will also be invited to the Innovating Care Asia Pacific Awards 2017 Gala Dinner happening at Nexus @ Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

For information on the Innovating Care Asia Pacific Awards 2017 Gala Dinner, please visit page here.


Submission of entries or nomination to the Innovating Care Asia Pacific Awards 2017 is free-of-charge and comes with the following benefits:


Entries to the different Innovating Care Asia Pacific Awards 2017 categories must be from academic, industrial, clinical, consulting and service organisations that have developed or demonstrated innovative technology or applications in healthcare; or for the innovative use of existing technology in health management for assisted living, showcasing innovations addressing the ageing agenda or global health challenges.

Entries may be ranging from research concepts and ideas to technical issues and industrial applications, and are encouraged from, but not limited to, the themes and topics in the following areas:

Professional Healthcare Technologies
• Administration
• Clinical decision support
• Clinical point of care technology
• Medication management
• Patient care/safety and administration
• Connected health solutions
• Health monitoring
• Patient self-diagnosis devices
• Medical and healthcare apps
  (smartphones/tablet PCs/other mobile devices)
• Machine-to-machine (M2M)
• Communications
• Decision support
• Emergency services and crisis control
• Remote monitoring and testing
• Telecardiology
• Telenursing
• Trauma care



Entries in all categories should show a plan or design for a new, altered or improved product, process or service for hospital/commercial use. Judges will be looking for entries that:
  • Demonstrate genuine technological novelty.
  • Demonstrate that the proposed innovation represents a significant technological advance for the industry or technology sector.
  • Explain clearly how the innovation works at a process or technical level and how the new process or technology (or new application of existing technology) is different from prior techniques.
  • Explain the level of practical exploitation to date and demonstrate the commercial, social or personal benefit(s) that the innovation brings to the applicable sector. Quantification of these benefits will be an advantage.
  • Conforms to the relevant specific Category Scopes

Entries will be encouraged for engineering projects and products that demonstrate the application of innovative design, technology, techniques and processes.

The Judging Panel will be evaluating each entry based on the questions in the entry form. In addition, judges will be applying the following additional criteria (if applicable):
  • Learning – the extent to which the innovation contributes to the body of knowledge
  • Novelty – the extent to which the idea is ‘new to humanity’ rather than just new to the industry or technology sector
  • Process – an innovation that improves the way in which products or services are delivered to a client
  • Patentability – the extent to which the idea has defensible patent potential, together with supporting evidence
  • Organisational Innovation – an innovation that is concerned with creating an effective collaborative working environment and/or organisational culture

Dr Jeremy Lim Partner and Head of Health & Life Sciences, Asia Pacific
Oliver Wyman

Asst. Prof Chang Liu Managing Director,
Singapore, Mainland China, and Hong Kong
ACCESS Health International
Dato' Nur 'Aliyah Karen CEO
MAA Medicine Charitable Foundation (Medicare)

Datuk Jagjit Singh Former Legal Adviser MOH and Retired Judge

Mr Soh Lian Seng KPMG Executive Director
Tax Risk Management

Dr Tan Jit Seng Founder and Director
Lotus Eldercare Singapore

Prof Nathan Vytialingam Advisor, Malaysian Healthy Ageing Society
Advisory Council, Global Coalition of Aging


Submission of entries or nomination to the Innovating Care Asia Pacific Awards 2017 is free-of-charge and comes with many benefits, especially to the winners.
  • The Innovating Care Asia Pacific (ICAP) Awards will recognise you as the best in your category when it comes to contributing significantly to the transformation of healthcare in the region.
  • The ICAP Awards winners will benefit from the region-wide publicity that will enable you to reach out to prospective customers with revitalised confidence by leveraging the marketing and PR value of the award.
  • The winners can gain potential partnerships and collaboration opportunities with other care solutions providers in the region. For the disruptive innovation category, the winner can get support by way of mentorship on Go-To Market planning.
  • The winners are entitled to use the ICAP awards logo on all their stationery, business cards, brochures, leaflets, print advertisements, website and other promotional collaterals.
  • A press release on the winners shall be published on relevant portals online, including social media.
  • All winners are entitled to two (2) passes to the gala awards ceremony to be held on the 30th of September in Kuala Lumpur.


  • Q: Who can submit entries/nominations?
    Anyone can submit entries.

  • Q: Is it for Malaysia only?
    No, the awards are international.

  • Q: Do you have to be a member of the Innovating Care Asia Pacific?
    No, you don’t have to be.

  • Q: Is my IP protected?
    All submissions are shared only with Innovating Care Asia Pacific staff and organising partners, the category judging panel and our appointed PR company.

  • Q: Can I enter more than one category?
    Yes, you are allowed to submit entries for up to 3 categories and we require a separate form for each one entry.

  • Q: Can I enter with more than one innovation?

  • Q: Will my entry form/submission be published in the public domain?
    Only the name of innovation and the submitting organisation will be shared in the public domain if you are shortlisted. No other information will be shared.

  • Q: How do I send a photo if my innovation is software?
    A screenshot/workflow will be acceptable.

  • Q: Does it have to be commercialised or launched product/project?
    We accept actively being developed/research innovations in certain categories. Please consult the scope of the category.

  • Q: Will I need to attend the ceremony?
    We recommend and advise all shortlisted entrants to attend the awarding ceremony.

  • Q: Is there a cash prize?
    No, there won’t be any cash prize.

  • Q: Who were the previous winners and what have their innovations been?
    This is the inaugural Innovating Care Awards.

  • Q: What is the maximum file size I can upload onto the submission system for supporting evidence?
    The maximum file size is 8MB.

  • Q: Will video be accepted as supporting evidence?
    Not at the initial stage nomination.