The Innovating Care Asia Pacific 2017 (ICAP) conference aims to cover essential topics pertaining to healthcare from policy and regulation, patient empowerment, care accessibility, healthcare technology and innovation and more.


  1. Who should attend Innovating Care Asia Pacific 2017?

    The ICAP 2017 conference caters to CEOs, Chief Medical Officers, CFOs, CTOs, CIOs, Heads of Healthcare, Directors of R&D, Disruptive Innovation & Technology, Heads of Life Sciences, Staff from Academia and other senior executives in the following industries:
    • Healthcare Providers (Primary, Secondary and Step-down Care)
    • Government Agencies involved in Healthcare Sector Regulation
    • Venture Capital Organisations
    • Medical Technology Manufacturers

  2. Why should I attend Innovating Care Asia Pacific 2017?

    The ICAP 2017 conference is a strategic gathering of policy-makers, senior executives from healthcare providers, clinicians, nurses and other care providers, healthcare IT professionals and technology companies with the purpose of interacting, sharing ideas and exchanging best practices in their respective fields. As participant, you can expect to know more about the transition from traditional healthcare to wellcare and learn more about improving the quality of care and accessibility for patients.

  3. What are the key topics to be covered at Innovating Care Asia Pacific 2017?

    The ICAP 2017 conference will primary cover Wellcare or the shift away from traditional models of episodic clinical care delivery towards more pervasive systems of wellness monitoring and optimisation as it applies to home and everyday life. Also to be covered are existing and emerging technologies and innovations that will enable effective delivery of wellcare to the people. There will also be some discussions on policies and regulations for accessibility as well as, challenges to wellcare models and ideas on how to turn these challenges into opportunities to benefit a greater number of people in the region. For more details, kindly refer to the event programme.

  4. If we go in as a Sponsor/Exhibitor, how would the event benefit us?

    Aside from the incredible opportunity to listen to and network with the industry’s thought leaders and key players, your company or brand as a sponsor/exhibitor can also benefit greatly from a comprehensive marketing and PR programme that we will be implementing. This targeted campaign can and will bring your product and services to the key decision makers and influencers in the healthcare industry.

  5. What else is new about ICAP 2017?

    We will be launching the Innovating Care Asia Pacific Awards 2017 at ICAP 2017. The awarding ceremony will take place on Day One of the conference.

  6. What is the Innovating Care Asia Pacific Awards 2017?

    The Innovating Care Asia Pacific Awards 2017 is a platform to celebrate and exchange best practices across the continuum of care in care monitoring and delivery in the Asia Pacific region. These outstanding practices are recognised to have significantly improved and increased the quality of care, while addressing the challenges of rising demand for accessibility to care, rising costs and the scarcity of resources. In addition to increased efficiency and improved performance, we also put premium on new approaches to care, as well as, creative spin to existing ideas, systems and processes in order to deliver better patient experiences and outcomes. The Innovating Care Asia Pacific Awards 2017 provide the platform for innovators, leaders and industry gamechangers to share their ideas and disruptive innovations that are developing or have been implemented to be recognised by the industry.