Collaborating Partners

TalentGrid Ventures is collaborating with the following organisations in bringing the Innovating Care Asia Pacific 2017 (ICAP) conference to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This important collaboration is set to deliver on the primary objective of transforming health in the region.

Alpha International Training and Consultancy Sdn Bhd was established in 1997. This is a full- fledged training and consulting centre that offers a myriad of training programs that focuses the development of human capital.

Our objective is to help create a highly charged workforce that will increase productivity, quality and efficiency; and towards achieving this aim, we work closely with corporate entities in providing both specialized skills training as well as generic training. Our programs are in line with the aspirations of the Human Resources Ministry, and as such are fully claimable from the Human Resources Development Fund.

As providers of quality training, we are supercilious in recruiting a team of highly professional trainers. Our team of trainers not only possess the skills, knowledge and qualification, but they also bring with them their passion in people development and hands-on experience in their related field, as we believe strongly that without passion and enthusiasm, education will be a futile exercise.

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InfoMed magazine is Malaysia’s leading magazine for healthcare professionals and the medically conscious public. InfoMed includes news, reviews, essays, and columns by today’s forward-thinking doctors, scientists, and scientific journalists. First published in 2012, InfoMed is published 4 times a year and is distributed nationwide.

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TransformHealth Asia, founded in 2015, is a complete healthcare management consultancy firm. It covers the entire spectrum of expertise from researching the feasibility and conceptualisation of new healthcare facilities to the architecture & construction, commissioning and operations of clinics and hospital.