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Opening Address Dato’ Dr Jacob Thomas

Keynote Presentation
Innovative Care Models in 2030
Dr William A. Haseltine
Plenary Presentations
Achieving and Sustaining a Culture of Patient-Centric Care
Dr Vasuhi Murugiah
Track 1
Moving Away from Traditional Models of Aged Care
Asst Prof Chang Liu
Track 1
Graceful Ageing-In-Place: Leveraging Technologies for Holistic and Personalised Care
A/Prof Hwee Pink Tan
Track 1
Leveraging on Robotics to provide better Elderly Care
Yinbei Li

Track 2
Community Virtual Ward: New Model of Care for the Ageing Population & The Importance of Driving Integrated Care Models
A/Prof Kheng Hock Lee
Track 2
Teledaktar: Innovative Healthcare EcoSystem
Prof M. Harunur Rashid

Track 2
Flying Cars and Defib Drones: The Future of Prehospital Emergency Care in 2030?
Craig Hooper

Track 2
Building on Realistic, Human-centric Solutions to Frontline Healthcare Problems
Dr Benjamin Cheah
Plenary Presentation
Dynamics of Innovation: Shaping the Future Experience of Health
Tamsin Greulich-Smith

Continuity of Care in Private Settings: Leaping into the 21st century Dr Mehdi Khaled

Transforming the Work Environment for Nurses Sow Chun Ng
Track 3
Bridging the Continuum of Care: Across the Different Sectors through IMU Cares
Prof Kok-Hai Ong
Track 3
The Future of Nursing Care: Can it be replaced by Technology?
Ivy Low