Innovating Care
Transforming Nursing Care

02 & 03 March 2018


Nursing Leading Care Innovations: Promoting Healthy Communities

Healthcare delivery and methodologies are changing, demands are diversifying and mounting. Health workers require new tools to work more effectively and efficiently, and innovative solutions are constantly being sought to improve patient outcomes while managing costs. By building a foundation of innovation in nursing, we pave the way for growth and progression within the profession. We elevate creativity in coming up with unique solutions to problems and issues.

At our Innovating Care – Transforming Nursing Care conferences, we aim to open important discussions on and drive thought leadership across the areas of nursing leadership, promotion of nursing knowledge, and nursing care innovation that can enhance coordination of patient care, improve clinical outcomes, increase patient satisfaction, and improve physician collaboration. We aim to redefine the role of nursing in the Continuum of Care while redesigning the patient experience from Hospital to Community to Home. Go beyond the role of caregiver, become key integrators and efficiency experts.

Join us at Transforming Nursing Care 2018 to drive the change that you want with other likeminded thought leaders.

advisory committee

Ms Shirley Heng
Committee Chairperson

Deputy Director (Nursing)
Dept of Nursing Administration
Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, Alexandra Health System

Prof Violeta Lopez
Alice Lee Centre for Nursing Studies, National University of Singapore

Ms Sow Chun Ng
Deputy Director, Nursing
National University Hospital

What people say?

A very warm thank you on behalf of The Red Pencil Team for your fantastic welcome to your conference which was truly a big success. So many interesting and quality talks! We were delighted to be there!

Ms Laurence Vanderborre, The Red Pencil (Singapore)

What people say?

An eye-opener!

Ms Winnie Koh, Chee Hoon Kog Moral Promotion Society

What people say?

It was an incredible experience learning about varying perspectives in healthcare coming from different industries.

Adon Chan, Alexandra Health System