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Healthy Ageing, Independent Living & Future of Senior Care Management

In the midst of significant reforms within aged care, increasing momentum for consumer-driven services creates new opportunities for aged service providers. According to the 3rd Asia Pacific Silver Economy Business Opportunities Report 2015, Asia Pacific’s ageing baby boomer population will have a bigger affluence and influence on how they would like to age, with many expressing strong desires to age-in-place, avoiding nursing homes and continuing to age independently.

The Innovating Care Elderly & Home Care 2016 forum will provide a platform for decision makers, practitioners, researchers, service providers, and community members to share their experiences to support and empower rapidly ageing populations worldwide. The forum aims to accelerate key learnings from best practice aged care models that will integrate healthcare, social participation and community.

This forum is a vertical spin-off from the inaugural Innovating Care Asia Pacific Conference 2016.

ICEHC 2016 Post-Forum Report

The Innovating Care Elderly & Home Care 2016 Forum was organised in response to the looming challenges, as well as, burgeoning opportunities resulting from the rapidly ageing population in the Asia Pacific Region, said to be the global home of the elderly. The Forum featured a comprehensive programme/agenda with in-depth content shared by speakers – from the keynote presentation, to various thought-leadership sessions, to interactive panel discussions, the Forum covered hot topics in Elderly Care that resonated very well with the participants including:
  • Innovative and person-centric aged care models
  • Moving away from traditional models of aged care to special facilities and concepts
  • Graceful ageing in-place
  • Smart home, smart health in aged care
  • Improving the understanding of prescription medication labels among elderly Singaporeans

  • Click to download the Innovating Care Elderly & Home Care 2016 Post-Forum Report.

    ICEHC 2016 Forum Presentations

    Learnings from Abroad: Innovative and Person-Centric Aged Care Models.pdf
    Mr Jussi Peltonen
    Founder and Chairman of the Board

    Ageing in Singapore - Not a Silver Tsunami
    Ms Eleanor Yap
    Founder, Director and Editor
    Ageless Online

    Innovative Solutions for the New Paradigm of Modern Ageing
    Asst. Prof Chang Liu
    Managing Director
    ACCESS Health International
    (Singapore, Mainland China, and Hong Kong)

    Graceful Ageing-In-Place: Leveraging Technologies for Holistic and Personalised Care
    Dr Alvin Valera
    Senior Research Fellow
    SMU-TCS iCity Lab

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    What people say about innovating care?

    A very warm thank you on behalf of The Red Pencil Team for your fantastic welcome to your conference which was truly a big success. So many interesting and quality talks! We were delighted to be there!

    Ms Laurence Vanderborre, The Red Pencil (Singapore)

    What people say about innovating care?

    An eye-opener!

    Ms Winnie Koh, Chee Hoon Kog Moral Promotion Society

    What people say about innovating care?

    It was an incredible experience learning about varying perspectives in healthcare coming from different industries.

    Adon Chan, Alexandra Health System